Sabrina Jafralie

Award-winning educator Dr. Sabrina Jafralie teaches a 3-step diversity and equity program to help organizations combat workplace bias and racism

Diversity & Equity Education for Workplace Professionals

Implement the highly recommended 3-step diversity and equity education program to combat workplace bias and racism. Dr. Sabrina Jafralie will work with your organization to plant sustainable solution.

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Who is Dr. Sabrina Jafralie?

Dr. Sabrina Jafralie has led an impressive career as a secondary school educator in Canada and the United Kingdom, and as a diversity and equity specialist during the last 20 years.

In 2019, she was named Activist of the Year by for her community efforts regarding opposition to Quebec’s Bill 21, a secularism law tabled and passed by the Coalition Avenir du Quebec.

Dr.Jafralie has been featured in several well-known media outlets, including CityNews, CBC News and the Montreal Gazette.


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