A 3-step diversity and equity education program

Award-winning educator Dr. Sabrina Jafralie teaches a 3-step diversity and equity education program to help organizations around the world to combat workplace bias and racism. The course is available in person, online, or in hybrid format; it is offered in English or French

Are you unsure whether your organization needs diversity and inclusion training?

The following are signs that your organization would benefit from diversity and equity education from Dr. Sabrina Jafralie:

  • Your organization has a high staff turnover due to a toxic work environment provoked by gender or racial insensitivity.
  • There is little to no addressing of complaints regarding gender and/or racial inequality by human resources or C-suite leaders.
  • Your organization is embroiled in litigation and has settled class action or individual lawsuits related to issues such as racial or sex discrimination.
  • There is a perceived lack of opportunities for advancement by people of minority status.
  • The ethnic, racial and gender makeup of your workplace is overwhelmingly homogeneous, especially in C-suite and other leadership roles.
  • There is an ineffective or non-existent history of diversity and inclusion training within your organization.

How can my organization take the first step toward antiracism education?

Dr.Jafralie’s approach to diversity and inclusion is unique compared to other training programs. She will help your organization understand the importance of racial and gender equity and why this is superior to simply inclusion. She takes a grassroots approach to diversity and equity education.

Step 1: This is an intimate introduction to your organization. Preliminary research is conducted through an audit as part of Dr.Jafralie’s fact-finding mission about your organization. In this introductory phase, she will meet participants and gather information to establish a workplace analysis before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Dr.Jafralie will conduct a workshop and meet with individuals in your organization. This step is designed to provide a judgement-free zone for personal expression. She will learn about participants’ predisposed ideas, belief systems and biases about race and gender that may be at the root of the conflict in your organization’s infrastructure. In this phase of the education program, your organization will be encouraged to reflect how individual beliefs and biases, past behaviour and opinion have an impact on items such as an organization’s policies, conduct and hiring practices.

 Dr.Jafralie’s approach is restorative and compassionate, not an attempt to punish participants. Your organization will work in tandem with her establish and implement unique solutions designed for the specific needs of your workplace.

Step 3: In this phase, Dr.Jafralie will debrief with your organization and will be accessible for regular support sessions with individuals on a private basis (if needed) to continue implementing measures. Antiracism and gender equality initiatives should be ongoing to ensure your organization spurs long-term systemic changes that are deeply-rooted and sustainable.

Let’s help your organization experience real sustainable change.