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Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.

- Shakuntala Devi

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I have had the privilege to lead an impressive career as a secondary school teacher and a university course lecturer for over19 years working in both United Kingdom and in Canada. In 2018, I was received the certificate of achievement for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. I have also been featured in several well-known publications including the Canadian Press, Journal of Beliefs and Values in Religion & Education, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).

I am an educator first, scholar and a rising leader in teacher education and religious literacy and diversity, I have spent hours mentoring pre-service teachers and assisting in-service teachers with curriculum design that shape and create students’ opportunities to learn. I examine the ways in which teachers are prepared for and navigate cultural, and religious influences student learning, identity and development.

In addition to my teaching and research, I do substantial activism. I was appointed as the community representative to the Regional Committee for English Language Health and Social Services Access Programs in the Montreal Region. And I was awarded with the Activist of the Year by ByBlack.com.

I am the proud co-founder of the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy, and now the Director of Learning for K-12. I am committed to helping educators with diversifying their curriculum and specifically looking at the religious literacy and purposeful dialogue.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in education (2001) from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. I also received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Concordia University. I then received my Ph.D. in Teacher Education from McGill University in 2017 under the supervision of the retired Professor Ronald Morris.

  • Residence: Canada
  • Freelance: Available
  • E-mail: sabrina@snjafralie.com


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Passionate and Knowledgeable

New to the educational world or want a different, fresh and bold perspective? Let's start talking!


Secondary to University Guru

As an experienced secondary and university teacher, we can find the education plan designed for you. After an initial free consultant let's design your path.


Inclusive Learning

Want to develop educational programs and instructional materials for schools, organizations and companies? Let's work together to create inclusive and joyful learning plans.


Head Teacher, Lecturer, Co-Founder, Evaluative Consultant, Regional Director, Researcher

Compassionate, loyal and wholly committed educational practitioner with a passion for developing exceptional teachers that facilitate student learning. Recognized as a specialist in Ethics and Religious Culture, brings over 16 years’ teaching experience at the secondary and university levels with experience in the Canadian and British educational systems. Thrives in the academic environment, leading with her heart and putting complete effort towards implementing ambitious educational initiatives. Confident and well-spoken, enthusiastically shares ideas and strives to improve curricula and enhance organizational reputation. Energetically committed to lifelong learning, questioning and thinking.


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